Heavy Weather Anchoring

Anchors will hold when properly set on an appropriate rode. Lets consider some math. The rode size (Chain, line or a combination of the the two) along with the anchor size WILL determine the holding ability which is commonly measured in Pounds of force. Im going to present a new factor of consideration.

"Two anchors are better than one." Is this true? Yes, but its not that simple. While two anchors set at a forty five degree angle could possibly hold better then one, it is not the best way to set two anchors. Two anchors chained behind one another will hold better than two separate anchors. I use a Danforth, fluke style, anchor as the forward anchor with a plow or preferably CQR chained about twenty five feet behind the Danforth. Shackle chain to a swivel on the Danforth or better yet Foretress Anchor. Run fifteen to twenty five feet of chain to a CQR and shackle aft end of chain to the trip line ring on the plow end of the CQR. Run anchor rode from CQR to the bow of the vessel. All chain rode works well, but be sure to rig a snubber when using all chain rode. Use a minimum of thirty five feet, preferably more, of chain when using a line chain combination rode.

Follow this check list when anchoring:

1. Be sure to rig chaffing gear

2. Secure to both bow cleats

3. Consider running an additional line from the rode around base of the mast just above the deck on a keel stepped mast.

4. Always remove all canvas including dodgers and biminis.

5. Always remove all sails from furlers, booms and deck bags

Remove anything removable that would cause addition sail area during a blow.

6. Work safely. There is a tendency to be in a rush and stressed when preparing for a hurricane. Resist this mood and keep safety first. This will also help prevent forgetting to do items.

Remember this: With proper preparation, there is no reason a hurricane should cause significant damage.

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